The Benefits of Yoga

Get fit

Yoga improves the general physical condition. Increases flexibility in muscles and joints by strengthening all body muscles; increases bone density and respiratory capacity (according to the study mentioned above, half of the practitioners report improvement of their general state of health). These results are achieved through a respectful practice with the body itself, which does not force or damage it, but rather listens to it and heals it.

The practice of yoga will stimulate you to control the urge to eat compulsively. It helps you eat better and in less quantities so it is ideal for both a few kilos and for weight control.

Increase our self-esteem

Doing yoga serves to trust you more and improve your self-esteem.

Beyond practice, the whole philosophy of yoga teaches us to focus on improving body, mind and spirit and this will be noticed in our self-esteem as a direct consequence.

And in what derives to have a good self-esteem?

In empathizing with others, in having feelings of gratitude with others, compassion and knowing how to ask and accept forgiveness.

A relaxed, happy, self-confident and emotionally stable person is able to generate much more confidence in our daily relationships.

But these benefits of yoga not only affect you, but you will make other people infected with your attitude.

Know your body

Yoga helps you to know your body: it is a path to observation and self-knowledge. With attentive and conscious practice you learn to observe and listen to your body. At the beginning, the posture, the alignment, the parts of the body that are being stretched are treated … Then the body listening becomes deeper, being able to reach mental layers. Many modern forms of exercise are devoid of the fineness of body awareness that yoga brings.

In addition to all of the above, yoga poses help us to have a better posture in our day to day. So much so that many doctors and physiotherapists recommend performing yoga or pilates to relieve pain and even to correct back, growth or joint problems.

Take care inside

Yoga takes care of you inside: through the postures we adopt when practicing yoga, there are contractions and stretching in the muscles, but also pressures on the organs and glands, which facilitate its proper functioning. Various body systems are benefited.

Not all yoga is aerobic but many postures and types such as vinyasa yoga are performed more vigorously and on the move. This helps us improve cardiovascular conditioning and regulate the cardiac constants needed to be healthy and avoid heart attacks or other cardiovascular diseases.

Again, several scientific studies have shown that practicing yoga lowers the heartbeat and makes it stronger.

Not to mention the study of lowering blood pressure thanks to postures like Savasana (also known as the posture of deep conscious relaxation) of the magazine “The Lancet”.

Reduce stress

Yoga reduces stress and helps you find calm in your life. Together with flexibility, it is one of the most reported benefits by practitioners. In modern times, it is difficult to find a moment of rest and internalization in our busy schedules, full of chores, obligations and commitments. Yoga gives us the opportunity to search and find the inner space of calm and recollection that will give us strength and security. The benefits at the psychological level that regular yoga practice gives us are many, as it helps calm the mind and overcome stress, anxiety and depression. The best organic and energetic functioning it facilitates has a great influence on various aspects, also emotional.

Alleviate the pain

It is a fact that yoga relieves pain and that is why in addition to being a very accomplished discipline, it is so recommended by specialists in various fields of medicine and health.

We have already talked about the importance of yoga in maintaining a correct posture. As we said before, yoga has become a highly recommended discipline as an effective treatment for chronic back pain and even for other ailments such as muscle aches and contractures.

Several studies have again confirmed that yoga postures, along with breathing and meditation, relieve back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, contractures, and a lot of other ailments.

So, the benefit of yoga to relieve pain is one of the most useful for all those who want to do a sport while recovering from an injury or relieve the pain of a bone or muscle disease.

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