Project Origin

YOGA & YOU SPACE is a personal project. Those who know me know that among my vital goals was always setting up a yoga center; Therefore, it is not a whim or a coincidence. It is about the result of the will, and the conviction that yoga, the practice of yoga, has influenced my life in such a way, that I cannot imagine the person I am without the practice and personal commitment to him.

I discover yoga in the 70s in a gray Bilbao, in a society that has nothing to do with the current one. Nothing and nobody influenced me or advised me; It simply came to me in book form. Since then it has been a constant in my life. In all this time I have had “ups and downs”: times of intense practice and others of distance, but always feeling their presence, their refuge. In 2000 I discovered Ashtanga, and it represents a huge boost in my personal commitment to yoga. In 2011 I seriously injured myself, having to stop completely; With that, a part of my world falls apart. I thought that my practice should be limited to “chanting mantras.”

The above might sound a bit exaggerated, but it is that yoga, the people who do yoga, is a very interesting community to be part of. And I had enjoyed that environment a long time and intensely.

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It was almost two years without practicing, but I gradually resumed it. This is how the injury made me more aware of my body, of my limitations, of the time that passes, thus being able to adapt my practice to the body of a 58-year-old man. And so I continue, enjoying this wonderful activity, learning every day and enjoying its extraordinary benefits.

Why do I think yoga is so important? Why do I bet my effort and my money, and put into play all this enthusiasm in a project like YOGA & YOU? Because there is a convincing conviction that nothing is more inclusive than the practice of yoga. The simple fact of my bare feet on the mat, feeling like I enter the asanas, and how breathing and movement align harmonically diluting everything outside, is the anchor that refers me to what is really important, to what I really am And this is just a few strokes of what we want to share and offer in our Center. You are all welcome.

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