COVID-19 special measures

We are looking forward to regaining normalcy in our life. I am sure that the practice of yoga has helped you through these difficult months. It is a good sign that things go little where we left them, but after what we have lived, learned, and re-evaluated in these months, I ask myself, do we want to return in the same way? Good question, right? Enough of reflections! On June 15, WE RETURN TO ASSISTANCE CLASSES.

In the current circumstances, we are forced to have a limited capacity in the classes. This forces us to organize ourselves better. At the moment we have increased the number of classes available. We cover more schedules and different types of yogas. We have implemented a place reservation system that you have to use. THE SYSTEM WE WILL INFORM YOU IN THE NEXT DAYS. In this way we adjust the number of people who attend class to the space in which we are allowed to move with the safety distance. Something important, for the classes to take place a minimum of three people are required to attend. If there is not that minimum, the class will be canceled that day.

The free classes period runs from June 15 to July 15. It is for all the students of the center. For those who have taken classes in the months prior to COVID 19 and for those who have not come to see us for a long time. For each and every one. In this period you can choose between taking one class a week, two classes a week or three classes a week. You have to reserve a place in advance. If due to a last-minute problem you cannot attend the class, you must let us know so that another interested person can take your place. It is important that you do it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that they are measures that we take for this special period.

If throughout this period, especially at the end of it, the corresponding Health Administration relaxes the distancing measures, etc., we will adapt and things will be less corseted. For that we are also prepared.

From July 15 to July 30 we intend to keep classes in the same framework. That is, do not reduce the number of them. Many of you have the month of March 2020 paid in full. Well, you will be compensated in that second half of July. You can continue taking classes that you could not take in March since they are already paid. For the rest of the students, the free period ends on July 15 and normal payment is resumed. Logically, the amount of the classes has not changed.


  • No student with discomfort, symptoms of any respiratory process will attend class.
  • Each student has to use her own mat in class. If you do not have a mat, we will sell you one of the ones we have in the center (disinfected) for an amount of € 8. (burgundy or blue color).
  • We have removed from the yoga rooms the cushions, blankets, blocks, ribbons, etc … It is important that you bring a towel to cover yourself at the moment of final relaxation, as well as your own zafus, blocks, etc.
  • A safety distance of 2 m will be respected at all times. between people, both during the yoga class, as well as when entering and leaving the center. In the room, a red ribbon on the floor will indicate where you have to place the front part of your yoga mat.
  • Teachers will not adjust asanas in this phase.
  • The room and common areas of the center will be disinfected before and after each class.
  • The use of the restrooms is allowed and they will be disinfected after each class. If during yoga class a person has to use the toilet, they can do so, but they have to take care of disinfecting it with a possible next user in mind. It will only take a few minutes.
  • Availability of hydroalcoholic gels at the entrance and exit of classes.

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