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Paco del Moral

Doctor, specialist in Occupational Medicine. Long career working in the pharmaceutical industry; first in clinical research, and currently in pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes.

Deep passionate about yoga and as a good Libra, eternal seeker of balance. Training in Sivananda. Later I focus on Ashtanga yoga and take classes with Tomás Zorzo, Lino Miele and especially with Javier Castro.

Currently accredited as a hatha & vinyasa yoga instructor (RYT 200) by Yoga Shala Institute Marbella and a member of the Yoga Alliance.

Elena Jimenez

Enthusiastic and curious by nature, yoga came into my life in a search to try a new experience. In that first class I felt such calm when connecting with the sensations of my body and leaving my mind aside, that since then I have not stopped practicing, deepening and studying this ancient discipline that is yoga.

I currently have the Esana yoga yoga and meditation instructor courses; Yin yoga from Pranayama yoga and Yoga for children and families from Yoga Maya kids.

As an eternal student on this beautiful path, I conceive yoga as a tool for self-knowledge, healing and personal evolution.


Esther Sánchez

My interest in the discipline of yoga arose through the study of oriental thought in the Philosophy department. Later, during my training as an actress and dancer, I came into contact with the regular practice of yoga, the importance of body awareness and the connection between body and mind.

My concern for bringing traditional discipline closer to today’s society has led me to train as an instructor in hatha, ashtanga vinyasa in Sampoorna Yoga, and in mindfulness and stress control techniques at the I.D.I.C. Institute. and the Nebrija University among others.

From my experience and continuous learning, my main endeavor is to provide the necessary techniques and skills so that everyone can find their own path to well-being and self-knowledge through yoga.

Juan Jiménez

Seeker, dreamer and adventurer. Meditation has been part of my life for 22 years. It all started when my curiosity led me to discover Taichi Chuan.

They spent many years practicing this ancient discipline, along with Chi-kung, Chaolin Cosmos and Taoist meditation to later delve into Anapana, Vipassana and Metta meditation.

I have participated and participate in Vipassana retreats (10 days of silence) and I am part of weekly groups and silent weekend meditations on an ongoing basis.

4 years ago I was certified as Teacher in Training of the MBCT program (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy) by the Center form Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP)- Bangor University- United Kingdom.

I continue passionately in continuous training to be able to help, in the best way, everyone who needs it.


Noelia Muñoz

Yoga crossed my path years ago in my search for calm and serenity in this world of unstoppable speed. I not only found them, but I found myself and discovered who Noelia was in essence. Since then Yoga has become my philosophy of life.

During these years I have been lucky enough to coincide with different teachers who have accompanied me to delve deeper into this world until I managed to awaken that inner teacher that lives in all of us.

After years of practice and personal experience I decided to deepen and train myself to be able to channel and share in unity this discipline that has changed my life so much.

I currently have Training as a Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor by the European Neoyoga Institute, representative in Seville of the O.I.Y.A.Y, endorsed by the Embassy of India and the European Yoga Alliance.

In this continuous training project, which I intend to follow throughout my life, I will shortly enter a Training in Ancient Yoga and Indian Music in Rishikesh by the hand of the teacher Nayaran Bhatt.

My purpose in Yoga&You is nothing more than to continue learning from my students and to be a channel and companion for them on this beautiful personal path towards our interior in Unity.

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