Yoga is a path to freedom. With its constant practice, we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness. -Indra Devi.

The benefits of Yoga

The extraordinary spread of yoga in just a few decades and the unstoppable increase in practitioners in the western world speak for themselves of the potential of this discipline.

The origin

YOGA & YOU SPACE is a personal project

Those who know me know that among my vital goals was always setting up a yoga center; Therefore, it is not a whim or a coincidence. It is about the result of the will, and the conviction that yoga, the practice of yoga, has influenced my life in such a way, that I cannot imagine the person I am without the practice and personal commitment to him.

I discover yoga in the 70s in a gray Bilbao, in a society that has nothing to do with the current one. Nothing and nobody influenced me or advised me; It simply came to me in book form. Since then it has been a constant in my life. In all this time I have had “ups and downs”: times of intense practice and others of distance, but always feeling their presence, their refuge. In 2000 I discovered Ashtanga, and it represents a huge boost in my personal commitment to yoga. In 2011 I seriously injured myself, having to stop completely; With that, a part of my world falls apart. I thought that my practice should be limited to “chanting mantras.”

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